Freud And Jung Research Paper

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Do people actually know what dreams are and their strong capabilities? Dreams can be a wide variety of images ranging from happy to sad and even frightening. The powers of a human’s dreams is very much underestimated and ought to be studied and focused on with a close eye. The mind is capable of an infinite amount of things, one major topic being dreaming. Although dreams may not always be remembered, dreams are created every single night in the mind of a sleeping person. Essentially, dreams show that the brain is powerful enough to disconnect from the world and create an entire world of conscious experiences.
Psychology is the study of behavior and the mind, embracing all of the aspects of the conscious and unconscious experiences and thoughts. The brain is an
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Everything from the creations of dreams to the medulla oblongata controlling a human’s involuntary actions, the brain manages to control everything that occurs in the wonderful human body. The brain is an underestimated organ that needs the recognition it deserves. The wide topic of dreaming has been one to always interest me. Dreams will forever be a topic that interest me to the max. Two well known psychoanalysts, Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung had studied the psychology of dreams back in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Both Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung had their own theories on dreams, and it can be said that they rejected each others theories and interpretations of dreams in a certain manner.
Sigmund Freud was a well known psychoanalyst who believed that nothing humans do is by chance, but every action and thought in the
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