Freud Vs. Lewis Argument In The Question Of God

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Throughout my adult life I have always known what my worldview is. I have always sided with the spiritual side as opposed to the material. I am a Christian and believe in one God who has sent his son, Jesus, to forgive us of our sins. Through my later years, my faith has never wavered. Through my adolescent years, however, I had lost my faith a few times do to different events that transpired in my life. It took some time and great trust, but I eventually found my spiritual belief again. Based on my own experiences, I tend to favor Lewis’ argument in The Question of God. Lewis and Freud both begin the book with the same atheist belief. They found no faith or comfort in God. They believed that God was just a figment of one’s imagination. Freud claimed that God was simply a way to fulfill mankind of their needs and wishes. He had stated that…show more content…
Lewis explains that finding faith in God is done by first accepting that it might be true. I agree with this because I personally did not find faith in God again until I personally believed that there is a chance that such a being could exist. Lewis bases his worldview on simply accepting the fact that all situations in life are possible-even the possibility of a higher being. However, Freud’s counter argument seems flawed to me because he bases all his beliefs on what he can physically research and be given a definite answer to. Years ago when, I was an atheist, I would have agreed with Freud, but having the faith I have now I do not. I cannot see God, I have never physically felt God, and I cannot research the proof of God and get a definite answer. However, I believe there is a God based on my own acceptance to all possibilities. Once I opened my mind to this idea, I found comfort in my pain, joy in my sorrow, and presence in my emptiness. I, as well as Lewis, base my belief in God on what I have read-The Bible- and what I have personally
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