Freudie Malinowski Why Do We Dream Analysis

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In “Why Do We Dream? The verdict Freud’s theory” by Josie Malinowski he begins with describing the theory of Freud and his interpretation of dreams. The dreams that people have are desired wishes to become reality once awaken. Of course, Malinowski explains that some desires in our dreams are immoral. In which ,humans tend to be frighten from because of how strange dreams can get. Although, not everyone agrees with Freud and his dream theory, the determination by other scientist to understand and interpret dreams have created new theories today. Therefore , experiments are constantly made to prove whether or not if emotions influence people's dreams. (Malinowski) Just as the author began the article with Freud and his dream theory his final thoughts revolve around accepting the theory. He gives us this quote to ponder on “dreams really are the royal road to a knowledge of the unconscious –- where banished thoughts live on.” An interesting aspect of this article contained information that can also be found our textbook from chapter 10 called Consciousness about REM sleep. (Rapid Eye Movement) in the book explains a sleeping…show more content…
To discover if dreams have an interpretation or not is something that people are curious to understand. I’ve had a particular dream where my closest friend was running a 5k race and the whole time just kept crying. I called her as soon as I woke up to find out that she missed one of the most important races in her cross country college career , because she overslept. I have yet to understand why I knew what had happened before she explained to me the details. It's exactly how Malinowski explained it a bizarre feeling. In fact, the article intrigued me to try Daniel Wegner experiment where he concluded that there are two types of functions used to suppress information in the brain. By rereading the article it increased my desire to start my own dream
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