Freud's Theory Of Personality

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Personality is a major study in the topics of psychology ; this important branch in psychology Is called personality psychology , and the psychologist tries to understand the thoughts , the emotions, the psychological reactions , and at the end they try to predict the human behavior , and this could be reversed , so they can conclude the other three by studying the human behavior very well . each individual’s personality is characterized by these four elements . The study of personality has a very old history ; it goes back to the Hippocrates when they recorded the first known model of personalities discovered by Galen . this theory was depending on four humors they are: blood , mucus, black bile and yellow bile . The personality in this model was highly related to the human body until the first noted physiologist Wilhelm Wundt who cleared the theory by the clear differentiation he made between the human body and the personality in the late 19th or the early 20th century . He realized that the body is too limited to handle the human’s temperament. He named four temperaments : sanguine ,phlegm ,cholera and melancholy ,and he believed that the four of them were the basic dimensions of the human personality. in the twentieth century Sigmund Freud created a structural model of the mind depending on three components of the human mind and the battle between them is the whole of each human’s behavior .
Freud made the first psychodynamic approaches to personality , but he had a
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