Freud's Theory Of Psychoosexual Development

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Among Freud's most notorious theories, is his theory of psychosexual development. This assignment discusses the stages and tells how Freud developed a theory of personality, made of an interplay between psychic structures and occurrences within psychosexual stages of development.
(Sigmund Freud, n.d.) . After listening, testing and examining his patients he knew that their problems were the result of early encounters in life. Freud believed that we experience five phases of psychosexual development and in every development we encounter, we get pleasure in one part of the body more than in others.
The oral stage (0- 1 year)
In this stage the infants get most of their pleasure through mouth.
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Parents can approach kids with toilet training with patience and in a more positive way. If they didn’t overcome this stage then they won’t develop a sense of accomplishment and independence.
Phallic Stage (3 - 6 yrs)
In this stage the children main focus is in the genitals and masturbation. Children become aware of the sex differences and due to this identification they face mixed emotion. In this stage they have some misunderstanding regarding their parents. They also have a fear which Freud describes as Oedipus complex (in boys) and the Electra complex (in girls). Girls also experience a feeling of inferior to boys because she lacks a penis. If Oedipus and Electra complex are not solved then they will have difficulty in having relation with the opposite sex or they may be home sexual. (McLeod,
Parents can help to solve their problem by clearing their doubts by discussing the sex difference.
They also can discuss the individual relationship they have among the family as parents and kids.
By doing this parents can determine their emotions and help them to be independent in the future.
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(Psychosexual Fixations and personality, 2011)
In this stage parents can encourage kids to be more active in school and give more opportunities to be with their aged kids and explore new things. They can also be helped to choose hobbies and other interests so that they will develop their social and communication skills and self-confidence.
Genital Stage (puberty onwards)
This is the last stage of Freud development. With adolescence there is re development of the prior drives. Drive vitality is centered on genital area again. But in this stage they develop a strong sexual attraction towards the opposite sex with more seriousness. In this stage they think of others welfare. If the child has completed other stages with success then the child will be well adjusted, warm and caring. (Sigmund Freud, n.d.)
So as parents it’s very important to see they overcome all the stages, especially the first three stages. Parents can have a close relationship with them and be their friend. They can also discuss the sexual attractions and what they have to expect and what they should do and the
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