Compare And Contrast Freud's Theory Of Psychosexual Development

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Among Freud's most notorious theories, is his theory of psychosexual development. This assignment discusses the stages and tells how Freud developed a theory of personality, made of an interplay between psychic structures and occurrences within psychosexual stages of development.
(Sigmund Freud, n.d.) . After listening, testing and examining his patients he knew that their problems were the result of early encounters in life. Freud believed that we experience five phases of psychosexual development and in every development we encounter, we get pleasure in one part of the body more than in others.
The oral stage (0- 1 year)
In this stage the infants get most of their pleasure through mouth. They get their pleasure in
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For infants we can provide pacifiers a swell.
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Anal Stage (1-3 yrs)
In this stage the focus of libido gets to be centered on the anus and the child gets incredible delight from pooing. Toilet training is the main problem in this stage and the child needs to control their bodily needs. Children who are successful in this stage is due to their parents approach in the toilet training. Parents who train their kids with praise at the appropriate time will help them to become capable and productive. Children who had early or harsh potty training can make the kid into an overbearing identity who hates mess, is fanatically clean, punctual and conscious of power. They can become into unyielding and stingy people due to their parents harsh or ridicule ways.
(Measuring the unmeasurable, n.d.)
However as parents we should be supportive and understanding. Parents mustn’t try toilet training too early and they mustn’t be too strict. Mothers mustn’t try to get off their diapers that soon. By doing this parents aren’t giving the pleasure off holding on to their feces. Parents mustn’t
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