Friar Is To Blame For Romeo And Juliet's Death Essay

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Sarah Addison Allen once said, “Men of thoughtless actions are always surprised by consequences”. Similarly, in William Shakespeare’s play, “Romeo and Juliet”, Friar Lawrence’s thoughtless actions are later surprised with problems. The Friar is to blame for the deaths of the lovers due to his lack of knowledge in considering future problems, his deceitful decisions for the lovers, and sending important information to an undependable individual. Through observing these points, it will be seen that Friar Lawrence is to blame for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet. The one to blame for the death of the lovers is Friar Lawrence, due to his lack of knowledge in considering future consequences. Instead of him encouraging them to talk to their parents …show more content…

His deceitful choices can be seen when he provides Juliet with a sleeping potion to fake her death. The Friar’s careless action of giving Juliet a sleeping potion is seen right after Paris leaves the scene, “Take thou this vial, being then in bed. And this distilled liquor drink thou off, like death when he shuts up the day” (4.1.96-97,104). In this quote, Friar Lawrence presents Juliet a “vial” for her to take when she is in bed to make others think she is dead, since she does not want to marry Paris. This demonstrates of how the Friar giving Juliet a dangerous bottle could result in accidental poison ingredient to kill the girl. By him lending a sleeping potion to Juliet, even though a poisonous liquid could mistake it, one can see the Friar’s untrustworthy decisions for the lovers. Since Juliet did not want to marry Paris the next day, she forces herself to take the potion to fake her death and mislead her own family. After examining the Friar’s responsibility for Juliet’s fake death by giving her a sleeping potion, it can be seen how disloyal his decisions are for the lovers. Therefore, Friar Lawrence should be blamed for the deaths of the …show more content…

It is the Friar’s fault since his lack of knowledge in detecting future problems, especially when he carried out the lover’s secret wedding, which was illegal and disloyal against the families. The Friar is to blame as it can be further seen when observing his deceitful choices, such as providing Juliet with a sleeping potion to fake her death since she does not want to get married to Paris, but the “vial” could have misleading ingredients. Finally, the Friar is to blame because he chose to send important information to an untrustworthy individual, which led to Friar John not being able to deliver the important letter. Since Romeo did not get the message of Juliet’s fake death, he is traumatized when he discovers Juliet is dead, and decides to commit suicide. After Juliet woke up and found out that Romeo commits suicide, she miserably stabs herself, as her lover has been killed. As you can see, because of these bad decisions that Friar Lawrence made, he is to be blamed in “Romeo and Juliet”. Friar Lawrence’s deeds have taught us that in the end, “The only person you can trust is

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