Friar Lawrence Responsible

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The holy Friar Laurence was willing to marry the two lovers, but why was he wanting to cover up their marriage if it was supposed to put and end to the feud? Did he regret marrying them? Or was he only looking out for his own safety? In this love affair of Romeo and Juliet, Friar Laurence was the most responsible for their deaths. Friar relied too much on others for example Friar John and he did not take enough responsibilities himself. Balthasar ended up telling Romeo that Juliet was dead, Friar Laurence obviously did not have enough word with Romeo before he left for Mantua. In addition Friar Laurence only told Juliet what she wanted to hear and didn 't say anything about what could go wrong with his plan. Friar did not take enough responsibility in his plan and had others involved too much when he should have been the one to carry out the important portion of the plan. Friar told Juliet “I 'll send a friar with speed to Mantua, with my letters to thy lord.” (4.1.123-124) he was planning to send a letter via Friar and not go to Mantua himself. He sent Friar John to give Romeo a letter about his plan and he came back saying “I could not send it” (4.1.14) Friar Laurence put too…show more content…
Friar should have taken a bigger role in his plan and gave himself more responsibilities. There was a lack of communication between Romeo and Friar Laurence because he didn 't speak to him right before he left for Mantua only the night before. In addition to that Friar also should have warned Juliet about anything that could have went wrong and not manipulate her into thinking it was going to be easy. If Friar Laurence would have not been so worried about covering up his mistake of marrying them when he knew it was not approved of he would have been thinking clearer and the friar could have made a better plan that was not so complicated, If it wasn 't for that Romeo and Juliet would still be
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