Friar Lawrence Adjectives

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How would you describe Friar Lawrence from “Romeo and Juliet” in three adjectives? Here is how I would… The character of Friar Lawrence plays a critical role in William Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet.” The play is about two families who have a feud dating back so far some of them don’t know what they are fighting about, which results in two star-crossed lovers from opposing families, whose illegal love causes the deaths of six people. Friar Lawrence plays the roles of the father figure and the wise old man in Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet.” Friar Lawrence is a wise, selfless, and daring character. Friar Lawrence is a very wise character. The Friar’s appearance does align with this adjective. In almost every story, the older character(s)…show more content…
The appearance of Friar Lawrence does not align with the adjective of daring. The old man of the story is not generally daring. Friar Lawrence came up with the very daring plan to reunite our star-crosser lovers at the end of the play. The plan to unite Romeo and Juliet was very risky and resulted in four deaths. The deaths of Paris, Romeo, Juliet, and Lady Montague were all because of the daring plan. Friar Lawrence also made the daring decision of marrying Romeo and Juliet. The marriage of Romeo and Juliet was an illegal marriage because they were each from opposite opposing families. These daring decisions made by Friar Lawrence impacted his main goal, ending the feud. “Hold, daughter. I do spy a kind of hope/ Which craves as desperate an execution/ As that is desperate which we would prevent,” said by Friar Lawrence himself, shows just how desperate and daring this plan to reunite Romeo and Juliet really is, but there is hope (4, 1, 69-71). There are three adjectives that describe Friar…show more content…
Shakespeare made wise because a character to help and give advice was needed. He made Friar Lawrence selfless because characters that puts others before themselves are much needed in stories like this. William Shakespeare made Friar Lawrence daring because a daring character that is helpful in a risky way is good for this story. If Shakespeare didn’t make Friar Lawrence the way he did, so many events of the play would not have happened. Romeo and Juliet would never have been married, those six people that died would be alive, and the feud would never have ended. Those are just three events that never would have happened. William Shakespeare made Friar Lawrence this way because he wanted to show that the fighting is pointless, and all we need in this cruel world is love. We should make love, not war. The Friar was trying to make the point that the younger people in our society fight over nothing. Friar Lawrence was an older fellow. He didn’t like how the two families were fighting, or feuding. That is why Friar Lawrence was made the way he was. The members of those families were generally younger than the Friar
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