Friar Lawrence In Romeo And Juliet

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“ I desire the things that will destroy me in the end” was what a wise poet, Slyvia Plath, once said. Everyone wants things in life, but the ability to decide if the foolish choices that each individual makes can lead to destruction, keeps the world in check. Throughout the entirety of The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet there are countless instancences where characters chose something which can, in some way, lead to the eventual deaths of Romeo and Juliet. However, the only character who consistently chooses the wrong choice knowingly, whether it be for self gain or glory, is Friar Lawrence. He was the only character not directly swayed towards one decision or the other by infatuation, loyalty, or rivalry. Friar Lawrence knew the impact that his…show more content…
Not only does he refuse to admit when his actions cause something bad to happen, but his unwillingness the help the greater good rather than only himself is the deciding factor in why he is ultimately the main character to blame. After Romeo is banished from fair Verona, the Friar portrays the outcome like it can solely be linked back to Romeo when he tells, “Romeo, come out. Come out, you frightened man./ Trouble likes you, and you’re married to disaster.”(3.3 1-4) The Friar refuses to accept that the banishment of Romeo can eventually be linked back to him. The way that the Friar speaks to Romeo perfectly portrays his cowardice, as he refuses to own up to his own actions. However, the Friar also puts forth another type of cowardice, that he typically withholds, which is his fear of getting blamed, even at the sacrifice of others. When Juliet is in the tomb, with her dead fiance and husband, he leaves her abruptly without physically trying to get her out of the sepulcher with him. His only meager attempts are represented when he…show more content…
Yet, this only adds to the argument that the friar is to blame. It is clearly shown that he is the only character thinking clearly because other circumstances aren’t preventing it. The Friar is the only character who is seen weighing the consequences and still following through. Another claim that the Nurse is to blame can be made, considering the was the first adult consulted and she agreed. However, she had ulterior motives, and wanted to make Juliet happy, whereas Friar Lawrence could have easily said no with few direct repercussions. Any fragment of a reason why another character can be blamed, always somehow leads back to Friar Lawrence on a greater
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