Friar Lawrence Is To Blame Essay

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“And this distilled liquor drink thou off; When presently through all thy veins shall run. A cold and drowsy humor, for no pulse,” (S.S, pg. 453). Friar Lawrence quoted that he would help Juliet fake her death. This is why Friar Lawrence is the one to blame for causing the most trouble in Romeo and Juliet. Yes, there are many other characters in the story to blame, but Friar Lawrence helped with a series of events that led to Juliet's death. Friar Lawrence was the one to blame throughout the entire story. Although Friar Lawrence was just trying to help throughout the whole story, he was just causing problems that led to Romeo and Juliets death. The one problem was just miscommunication between Friar Lawrence, Friar John, and Romeo. “Who bar my letter, then, to Romeo?”(S.S, pg. 470). Friar Lawrence asked this to John. Friar John could not deliver that letter because of an infection, the Black Plague. I don’t know why Lawrence didn’t just deliver the letter himself and not put his responsibilities on somebody else. He was just trying to help, but resulted in the death of Romeo, Juliet, and Paris. If Romeo would have got the letter, then he would have never gone and bought that poison and killed himself in the Capulet’s tomb. Friar Lawrence was going to go through with the plan no matter what happened. “Love give me strength! And…show more content…
444). Lord Capulet was basically telling his daughter that if she doesn’t marry Paris on Thursday, then she shouldn’t even look him in the eye for not following his commands. Later in that paragraph he explains how he would disown her and basically lose all respect for her if she doesn’t marry him. The whole reason why she took the potion is because she had to marry Paris. In conclusion, if her dad would not have forced her into the marriage, then she would not have taken the potion and Romeo, Paris, and Juliet would not have died at the
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