Friar Lawrence

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In William Shakespeare 's classic play, Romeo and Juliet, there are two families that have a bitter rivalry but, there is a little love in the air that ends with severe depression. There is one person to blame for letting the depression get worse. Friar Lawrence thinks that everyone should like each other and not dislike anyone. He also makes potions to change people and not letting time change them. Friar Lawrence is undoubtedly to blame for the tragic, depressing events that unfold the “loving” play, Romeo and Juliet. Friar Lawrence tries to make everyone like each other even though it is impossible to like everyone. He dislikes how the Capulets and Montagues are always fighting. Romeo Montague came to Friar Lawrence to, marry Juliet Capulet. Friar is the priest so you have to come…show more content…
Lord Capulet cannot be blamed because it is human nature to dislike someone. It is nearly impossible to not dislike someone in life. He also could not be to blame because he was not even a huge deal in the play. The only reason you need him in there is because, Juliet needs a mother and a father to be born. If he like ran away or died when Juliet the play would still be on the same level of dispar. If we were to remove Friar Lawrence there would be a happy ending, because Romeo would have got cheated on and then he’d move on to a different girl. The tragedies that happened in Romeo and Juliet are truly dark and depressing. Friar Lawrence is to blame for these events. He tried to change the feelings of people even though he was no professional who knew how the brain worked. He should have not used potions to change the way of someone’s life. There is medicine out there to change people but, it takes time for it to work. They always did say that time changed people so maybe it is not the medicine it is the
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