Friar Lawrence Responsible For Romeo And Juliet's Death

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A good trustworthy man of the town, a man of God a priest. Who just wanted to help two families stop fighting. He did as he intended, but in the process two young people in love had to die for it to work. Many of the characters in William Shakespeare’s tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, do things that contribute to the deaths of both Romeo and Juliet. In my opinion Friar Lawrence was the most responsible for their deaths. The Friar married Romeo and Juliet, made ‘’poison” for Juliet to take, and didn’t get the letter to Romeo on time .
It all started when Romeo first saw Juliet at a party that he crashed. They had spoke for bit and had fallen in love with each other. They had decided that the following day they would get married. Romeo ran as fast
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The letter was supposed to get to Romeo, telling him that Juliet wasn’t in fact dead. Telling him the whole plan that Friar had come up with. The letter had to get to Romeo on time so that he would be at the tomb when Juliet awoke. Meanwhile Juliet was “sleeping” Friar was sending the letter to Romeo when he ran into his old friend Friar John. Friar John was going to town near Mantua where Romeo was. Friar John was going to help the sick. Suddenly Friar Lawrence got the idea to just give the letter to Friar John, to give to Romeo since he would be going that way anyways. Afterward while Friar John was visiting the sick, he got stuck in coorentined, with the sick. So the letter never got to Romeo on time. Meanwhile Friar John was stuck in a town away with the letter holding the truth, someone else came and told Romeo that Juliet had died. (act 4 scene 4 # 2-29 ) Romeo went to her tomb found her dead and killed himself because he thought that his love had died. Seconds after Juliet had awoken and found her love dead next to her. She couldn’t go on without Romeo so she to killed
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