Friar Lawrence Should Be Pardoned In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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Have you ever had someone who you really liked but could not be with? In Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet there is a guy named Romeo and a girl named Juliet. These two come from two families who hate each other but when they meet they fall in love and try to be together. This does not work and they end up dead because they can not be together. In Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Friar Lawrence should be pardoned and Old Capulet and the Nurse should be punished for Romeo and Juliet’s deaths. The nurse should be punished. In act 3 scene 2 the nurse is telling Juliet about Romeo being banished. The nurse notices that Juliet is depressed. Juliet says, (gives the Nurse a ring) O, find him! Give this ring to my true knight.(Shakespeare III . ii.143-144) This means that she know about Her and Romeo. She should be punished because she is going to be taking the ring to him even though he is banished and they should not be talking to each other. Also, the Nurse should be punished because she knew they were together and helped them be together. They are not allowed to be together. This is why the Nurse should be punished. Old Capulet should be punished. In act 3 scene 5 Old Capulet has already said he wants Juliet to marry…show more content…
The friar should be pardoned because he told Romeo to take it slow and he says that he will marry them because it might end the feud. The nurse should be punished because she helped the two people who were not supposed to be together stay together. She also knew about them and did not tell anybody. Old Capulet should be punished because he forced Juliet to marry Paris and threatened to disown her. This put a lot of pressure on Juliet to find a way to not marry Paris. Just because two families were fighting two people who were truly in love could not be together. That is just sad. Nothing should be able to stop true
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