Friar Lawrence's Argumentative Analysis

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At the end of act three Juliet found out Romeo was banned from Verona and she was grief stricken. Her parents then went back to the marriage to Paris,yet Juliet didn't love Paris, she was already engaged with Romeo. Juliet took the matters in her own hands and made it worse by going to friar Lawrence to seek advice. As Juliet talked to the Friar he gave her advice to drink a potion that he had made that will make her into a deathlike state that lasted for about two days, the instructions that he told Juliet was to go home and take the potion, parents or her nurse will notice and put her in their family tomb,finally when she awakes she will run off to Romeo and live happily. Juliet was worried for this idea and began to think over this process “How if, when I am laid into the tomb, I wake before the time Romeo come to redeem me?...” she started to show…show more content…
Shakespeare has Juliet to fight herself on taking the potion or not. She begins to show even more desperation as her argument continues. Juliet sits alone on her bed thinking thoroughly and shows some interest in taking the potion “ Romeo,Romeo,Romeo! Here's drink. I drink thee” She takes the sip of her potion and lays on her bed await of the deep sleep. She is showing hasteful thinking as she could have realized that what she had done was wrong. At full desperation, Shakespeare gave a tough meaning that you'll do anything for your lover even if it ends in death.In the end, she is only fourteen and has a small mindset between correct and wrong decisions. Juliet goes to prove to Shakespeare that she had logical with a mixture of haste immediate action which would lead to proving Shakespeare's point again to that love is just full of desperate
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