Friar To Blame In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare is a play about hate and revenge where two lovers end the feud between their families with their death. Romeo fell in love at first sight with Juliet and got married by friar. Tybalt Juliet’s cousin killed Mercutio and caused a fight between Romeo and him Tybalt lost and died ,Romeo got banished from Verona and friar Lawrence had a plan . Lastly Juliet was going to get married, but didn’t want to because she loved Romeo so friar gave her a potion. People that could be held responsible for their death would be fate, lord Capulet and Balthazar. fate is mostly to blame because maybe it was their destiny to die and end the feud. Also lord Capulet because he obligated her to marry Paris or he was going to deny her as his daughter. Lastly Balthazar for letting him go into the tomb with Juliet by himself. Friar lawrence is to blame of the deaths of Romeo and Juliet because many things could have gone differently.…show more content…
The reason Friar is to blame and held responsible is because Friar told Romeo and Juliet what to do. For example when Romeo told him he wanted to marry Juliet Friar married them saying, “There’s one good reason why I’ll assist you this marriage could be the happy cause of turning the enmity between your two households into real love”(II.iii.65)knowing their families are enemies and that they like their looks not real love but ,Friar thinks it would end the feud. Another reason is he gave the potion to make Juliet seem dead. The last reason is that Friar never made sure that the letter got to Romeo that explained the plan with Juliet. If Friar would have acted differently, then Romeo and Juliet may still be
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