Friction Circle Method

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Computer Aided Stability Analysis of Slopes

Abstract: For the analysis of stability of slopes numerous methods are available. This particular paper contains the study of different methods by using computer programming in C, VBA and Auto CAD. The developed computer programs not only yield the accurate results but also save our time and energy. A comparison of the result obtained from different methods, reveal that the values of minimum factor of safety are in close agreement. But among all the methods friction circle method gives more reliable results.

The boundary surface of soil mass inclined to horizontal and exposed to atmosphere or in contact with free water is called a Slope.
In other words slope is also defined as an
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Koppula’s Method.
5. Limit Analysis Method.
In this paper computer program in VBA and C programming for above methods have been developed. The actual study has been done in four parts given below.
PART A: Programming in VBA
In this part the program is done for Friction Circle Method in computer language VBA from AutoCAD software.
As Friction Circle satisfies Culmann’s failure criterion long the assumed failure surface, which may be circular arc, straight line or any other irregular surface. It also comes under the category limit equilibrium method since solving friction circle method manually is a very tedious and time consuming job, so computerized program can used to solve it.
PART B: Programming in C
In this part the programs are done for Taylor’s Stability Number and Limit Analysis Method.
The friction circle method is graphical procedure that can be used for analyzing the stability of homogeneous slopes. It was popularized by Taylor in 1937. With the help of results obtained by this method, graphs were plotted between angle of inclination and stability number to calculate factor of safety. And the method is known as Taylor’s Stability Number. Hence estimating the factor of safety against slope instability is more convenient by Taylor’s Stability Number with the help of Taylor than the Friction Circle
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PART D: Comparison of Various Methods
The various methods are studied and solving the problems by keeping a data constant for all methods. The results obtained from various methods in compared to each one.
In the present work, it is discuss on the following points-
1. The steps or algorithm to prepare the program to estimate the factor of safety in a software language.
2. Results obtained for factor of safety using computer programming in C language.
The methods handled for analysis of slopes using computer programming in C language are
a. Analysis of slopes using Taylor’s Stability Number to find:
1. Factor of safety with respect to cohesion for c-Φ soil.
2. Factor of safety with respect to cohesion for cohesive soil (i.e., Φ=0) using depth factor.
3. Factor of safety with respect to both cohesion and friction for c-Φ soil.
b. Analysis of slopes using Limit Analysis Method to find factor of

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