Frida Kahlo Analysis

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The Mexican painter Frida Kahlo is a standout amongst the most imperative craftsmen of the twentieth century. Subsequent to being included in an auto crash, stayed at home to recuperate from a few wounds, critical occasion for the unfolding of her work of art. The point of this study was to present parts of the life story and life of Frida, looking for convergences between her craftsmanship and her difficult encounters. Frida Kahlo a Mexican self portrait artist born on July 1907 and died on July 1954 after beginning and building on a great vocation for herself. A cognate to feeling that women and men must be treated equipollent symbol/picture an astounding artist that has zealousness for her art and work, gave a reason to do something and emotional in a good way about her paintings engendered a denomination for herself in the early nineties and stands tall among all female painters due to her strenuous exertion and patience. Not all was facile for her as she climbed mountains to get to where she was and prospered profoundly and now most youth and older people ken her denomination and reverence her work and find her very altitudinal. She has proven to be worthy and altitudinal as her work came to her at a time of sanctioning to get old and extreme unhappiness/extreme pain but she made the best of it and turned all that negative air into something positive and looking good. Frida Kahlo who contracted polio at the age of 6, then suffered a near -destructive bus crash at the

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