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My all time favorite artist is Frida Kahlo. Not only was she an amazing artist but she was an intricate and articulate woman. She went through many hardships in her life and she expressed her emotion through her wonderfully surreal paintings. Like many successful artists, Frida had many skeletons in her closet and she wasn’t perfect in anyway. She deal with infertility, infidelity, and many other heartbreaking trials. I think that’s probably why Frida is one of my favorite artists, she was a true human being that had emotion and wasn’t afraid to let anyone know how she felt, and in that way I feel like I can relate to her. Throughout my paper we are going to explore Frida Kahlos life, her secrets and her mistakes, her heartbreaks and everything that made her an artist, and that molded her into the woman that she was when she died.
Frida Kahlo was born in Coyocoan, Mexico City, Mexico as Magdalena Carmen Frieda Kahlo y Calderon on
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Frida started her career during a very influential time for our nation. During WWII she changed her last name so that it didn’t sound as German as it was, and I am assuming it was from fear people were experiencing from the Germans. In Fridas “Self Portrait Along the Boarder Line Between Mexico and the United states” you can clearly see how she split Mexico from America. While America was mass producing and constantly being introduced to new technology, Mexico was still being devastated by the civil was and it was desperately hanging onto its roots. That’s what Frida was always doing, she was always gripping her roots so hard, and she expressed that through how she dressed and the artworks that she created. I think she held onto her origins because she was afraid of all the change that was happening in the world, she felt as if she wasn’t in control. She wasn’t even in control of her own body, and that frightened her. By sticking with her roots she knew that part of her would always stay the same, and I think she found comfort in
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