Frida Kahlo Defense Mechanism

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Frida Kahlo was born in Mexico in July, 6 1907 as a children of Hungarian Jewish photographer Wilhelm Kahlo and Indian Matilde Calderon Gonzales but she changed her date of birth as a day which occur Mexican Revolution in July,7 1910. Because of her mother’s illnesses, she was grown up by wet nurse. Frida Kahlo has poor health in her childhood.
She faced some misfortunes six-years-old. Poliomyelitis caused weakening of the one leg so students called “wooden leg Frida”. In school years, she saw the famous Mexican muralist Diego Rivera for the first time. Rivera at that time was working on a mural called The Creation on the school campus. Frida often watched it and she told a friend she will marry him someday. Even if Frida had three sisters, she grown up like a boy. One-day tram and bus had an accident and her spine and pelvis are fractured and this
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He called these different ways of dealing with pain “defense mechanism”. They are not under our conscious control. When we face a stressful event in daily lives, our ego and unconscious try to protect us. Actually, Frida was a really good example of defense mechanism because tram accident caused both physical and physiological pains. During her life, she faced many both physical and psychological pains so her unconscious part used defense mechanism to protect herself. One of the Freud defense mechanism is sublimation. Sublimation is redirecting bad or unacceptable behavior into positive behavior. When we look at Frida’s life, we may see this defense mechanism because by painting she coped with all pain such as tram accident, her husband’s cheating, miscarrying twice and unhappy marriage. Displacement also seen in Frida’s life as defense mechanism. It defines as satisfying an impulse with a substitute object. After she learned her husband and sister’s love affair, she cut her hair and reflected her anger to
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