Enough: A Short Story

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I never really had control over most things that went on in my life, while there are only so many things one can take until they’ve reached their breaking point. For example, some people tend to get worked up on little things and exaggerate them, which causes a greater dilema. Friday afternoons in my household are usually a day for me to relax a bit, but this particular Friday was different. I was just beginning to relax when I felt the bass coming from the booming speakers in my garage. Then, I got up off the couch and walked through my front door, down the steps, and peeked in the garage to see if my father was still sitting there, so I could turn the switch from the speaker off. There was no sign of him there, so I came back inside and sat on the couch once again when I felt someone come up from behind me. Without a doubt, this was one of the most daring yet hectic days of my life.
I remember it as if it were yesterday. September, 23 2016, was a Friday afternoon. Typically, high school seniors go out and spend time with their friends on Friday afternoons, well
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Surprisingly, he didn’t follow me this time. He was in shock, and he called out “Julie ven para aca,” come here he said, “1...2….” fury came over me and I replied with, “Or what? Are you going to hit me?,”He stayed quiet once again, “No!” he replied. At last I said, “Ya no, ya no me vas a hacer como se te dé la gana,” I would not allow him to treat me like I’m nothing.” I continued with, “Your drinking habits have had such a negative impact not only on myself but my family as well.” I walked up to him and, stood right in front of him and said, “What you do affects everyone around you.” He stayed quiet and not long after he spoke up and said, “Yo se que soy un borracho,” I know I drink too much, “I’m sorry mija.” He got up and walked into his room and finally went to
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