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The film Friday was released on April 26 1995 the screen director was Gary Gray the budget for the movie was 3.50 million and ended with the profit of 27.50 million some of the star actors in this movie were Ice Cube screen name Craig Jones Chris tucker / Smokey Deebo and Big worm and many more.
Friday is a must watch film for someone that has not seen its full of laughing moments and I promise it will keep your attention the whole time while its on it has its climax and good point in it full of action and humor it 's also just not a movie you watch and never watch it again I have watched it multi times and somehow it seems to make me laugh just as much as the first time for example ”Listen, I know you don 't smoke weed...I know this. But I 'ma get you high today. 'Cause it 's ain 't got no job...and you ain 't got shit to do!" this quote from the movie seems to crack me up every single time I hear it just one of those lines that will not get old so this is just a few reason why I say it’s a must watch for someone that hasn’t seen it because just like that last
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My favorite quotes from this part of the movie is when Craig said Smokey how you going to sell weed and smoke it that just don’t add up. So big worm gave Smokey sometime to come up with his money and if he didn’t he warned Smokey not to play with him so big worm came back to get his money and Smokey still did not have his money so one night Smokey went outside and it was big worm and his crew shooting at Smokey and Craig and they were so Nervous they did not know what to do so now Craig and Smokey running from bullets on top of roofs and between house scared to death so they ended up laying down in a flat bed truck praying big worm and his crew didn’t see
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