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Have you ever played a horror game? Have you ever played one in which the killer that is chasing you is another person? In recent years a new genre of a-symmetrical video games has emerged in which one player plays as a killer while 4-8 others play as victims or survivors. The top two leaders right now of this genre right now are Dead by Daylight, a game about killers serving an entity to hunt down and eliminate four survivors by using sacrificial hooks, and Friday the 13th, which takes place on the same campgrounds and uses the same assets as the movie. But which of the two is better? Well the main difference between both games are not only their names but also their cast of characters, maps/objectives, and their style/gameplay. When you think of a horror game or even any form of content related to that genre what is most important? The most important difference between both games is that Dead by Daylight has more variety when it comes to killers were Friday the 13th only has the…show more content…
If a game is rushed you can see it in the gameplay because it is either clunky to play or the models and textures are not very smooth and cohesive. Starting with the issues of Friday the 13th, the game is younger than Dead by Daylight and you can definitely see some of its faults in the gameplay, the models for characters and the vehicles are a little clunky when the move; whereas in Dead by Daylight the models do move a lot smoother but some of the models have stretching issues when you are running from the killer and you get hit. Now the positives of each game is their unique art style, Dead by Daylight has a more realistic yet rustic art style that complements some of their iconic killers and survivors while Friday the 13th has more of a realistic animated art style. Overall for this section Dead by Daylight is the better option when it comes to

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