Frieda's Argument Essay

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When analyzing the situation over, Shirley does make me want to file a formal complaint to my boss. In a work area and as a female I would not feel comfortable having co- workers making crude sexual comments about employees, making sexist jokes and sharing sexual graphics amongst each other on their phones. Since the organization is formal, meaning that this organization contains a bureaucracy in which a phenomenon is defined by policies and guidelines. In establishing a formal complaint, it will therefore be in the right steps in following the company’s bureaucracy, despite the good aspects the nature of this case will be shown on the negative in the form of punishment of this case. When the punishment was established I would have to disagree on whether it was the right punishment for them, and therefore recommend a different form such as warnings and write-ups. These types of punishments would not be as harsh as to…show more content…
This can be a demeaning statement because it gives the authority to the male, letting them speak however and about whomever rather than the female. By this statement Frieda is giving the acceptance that men can be allowed to degrade women and make sexual comments because of their gender when in actuality that is wrong. If the statements continue it could potentially get out of hand leading an alpha domince of who can get the most women, in which can lead to harassment or even as far as rape for example. The behavior of the employees should not be seen as a shrug of the should, but acted on so further harassment can be prevented. The statement of Frieda is sexist and degrading on women because the remarks gives more the privileges to the one gender in which being male rather than the other. I don’t believe this statement was racist because it had to do with gender and nothing to do with
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