Friedrich Froebel's Theory Of Education

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Friedrich Froebel By Ashley Scherle, Jennifer Meyer, & Sarah Todas Froebel400px.jpg The intention of this page is to provide a brief history of Friedrich Froebel 's life, his theories of education, and how he has influenced education today. Biography Friedrich Froebel was born on April 21, 1782 in Oberweisbach, Germany. His mother died nine months after Froebel was born and his father was a Lutheran minster. After his mother 's death, Froebel 's father remarried and had a baby boy; a brother for Froebel. By age eleven Froebel was neglected. His uncle, also a Lutheran minster, took over the role of father to Froebel. Froebel started his career off in the forestry industry where he studied botany and biology, but later ended up teaching in a primary school. It was his study of and love of nature that influenced his views on the importance of nature on young children. He loved the experience in working with children so much, that he decided to make education his life long career. Froebel ventured to Switzerland where he tutored boys at a Pestalozzi 's Institute. He felt he needed more training in education and decided to go back to school in Germany to learn more. He then briefly served in the army against Napoleon. After his studies he opened the Universal German Educational Institute where the curriculum was modeled on his educational beliefs and theories. After the success of his teachings and instruction, Froebel began to educate teachers in his theories and practices
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