Nietzsche's Theory Of Morality

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Friedrich Nietzsche, a German philosopher of the 1800s was a very bold thinker and introduced ideas on the fundamental origin of morality, contrary to the ones believed by psychologists of his time. The theories that these psychologists had suggested that people considered an action to be “good” if someone benefitted from another person’s actions if they were doing it for themselves, claiming that any action someone committed was good if it gave an advantage to someone else. On the other hand, Nietzsche believed goodness came from those who created the term, He believed that there were two moralities that depicted the origins from where morality and the ideas of being good and bad come from. These moralities are known to be the “slave” morality…show more content…
It comes from the hunters and barbarians that we as humans once were, being elite and strong and powerful, trying to be the best that we can be as life to them was the survival of the fittest. He says that “the continuing and dominating collective instinct, and feeling of superiority of a higher race, a master race, in comparison to a subservient race--this is the opposition of ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’.(15)” Nietzsche insists that the “well-born” did not have to “manufacture their happiness by contemplating their enemies, or convince themselves of their happiness by lying to themselves,” that they were more confident and content with themselves and their decisions because they were “too wise to dissociate happiness from action, (26)” They are the beasts of their…show more content…
If you look at it in a physical terms, the fastest runner will win the race undoubtedly that he or she trains consistently and does whatever they can to be in that position. That is the way master moralists think. In the eyes of an opposition, they would believe that money and power is greed and evil because it does not benefit or help anyone else but those gaining the success, and that the reason why the other runners did not win is because there was nothing that they could have done to try to win, as if the runner was just good at it because it was in their genetics or some sort. That is where the self pity comes, and believing that they are best for being flat is what makes slave morality to be
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