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The issue that this study addresses is the lack of a friendly learning environment in the Korean elementary school English classroom. To address this problem, the purpose of this study will be exploring the expectations of the parents, attitudes towards learning in English, and perceptions of what education is. To gather data, interviews with parents should be conducted. Parents will be also asked what friendly and cooperative learning means to them. The interviews should also be transcribed and analyzed. The data will be reviewed using the following three constructs and may lead to the following 3 themes: Goal orientation, social support and self-efficacy. To prevent students from adopting performance-avoidance goals, teachers should help…show more content…
A positive learning environment in which personal values are respected, and in which the student is allowed to interact freely with other learners, with the teacher, and with the learning materials is a desirable situation for learners (Finch, 2001). Data to be collected Indicating the deficiencies in the studies relates to what is actually going on in 2 classrooms in South Korea. None of the papers deal with what students gain or believe that they are gaining in the classroom. Without this, it is difficult to say what education in Korea actually is. Parent’s perceptions will help describe what education is (Kim-Renaud, Grinker, Larsen, 2005). Themes or statistical results Parent’s perceptions of education have been affected by the placement of students into levels of ability rather than mentality or mental age. Korean students are not placed in a group learning situation in which discussion with their peers can foster a sense of interactive learning that is impossible to achieve in a teacher-centered environment. They are prohibited the opportunity to argue, discuss, and suggest, all enriching activities that can strengthen the brain’s ability to assimilate more complex thought (Kim, 2005). Practical…show more content…
I was beginning to realize that there were a whole series of problems with education in Korea. This was worrisome to me and caused me enormous stress. Soon my three children would be joining this system if my family was going to continue living here. It has been 14 years since I first landed on Korean soil but I remember it like it was yesterday. At that time, I felt strange being a visible minority in an Asian country. To my surprise Koreans were very friendly. I instantly fell in love with the country. I soon realized that I would stay here for a long time. Soon after, I began to understand the importance of education in the Korean culture. I was not familiar with so many people studying for such long periods of time. This quickly taught me that as an English teacher I had a great responsibility to the citizens of this nation. My work allowed me to learn about children and this also gave me the chance to learn the Korean language. I was then brave enough to marry a Korean beauty and I now have three wonderful

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