Friends By Laurie Halse Anderson Analysis

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In the book speak, by Laurie Halse Anderson, Melinda’s friend, Heather, is “Oppressing” her by using mental pressure so she can persuade Melinda into helping her. In the last sentence of the second paragraph, she says that if Melinda does not help then heather will get blacklisted and never get into any of the good groups. This can relate to the real world because there are people who only use other people to their advantage. Plenty of people all over the world do this and the victims don 't even know it until the very end. Sometimes your “Friends” can be “Fiends.” When Melinda goes to her locker, she find a note from Heather asking her to come to her house. When Melinda got there, Heather told Melinda about the “Martha 's” holding a
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