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Friends Like Otters

“ A true friend is someone who is there for you when they rather be anywhere else,” Len Wein states. Friends are like otters. Otters hold each other when they sleep because the other would drift away if not holding its partner. In the same way friends do this, they help each other and without a friend you’re a lost otter in the ocean. First of all, Freak the Mighty is a book written by Rodman Philbrick. It is about two boys with disabilities that establish a friendship. One of the boys named Max has a learning disability and the other has morquio syndrome. They both share the same amount of rejectecting and abuse, but that doesn’t stop them from going on adventures and growing their relationship through experiences. Throughout the book two themes stood out. One about friendship and the other about isolation.

It doesn’t matter who you’re friends with, it matters that you have a friends to help you when needed. To start off, a friend helps you when you are in distress. How can you call someone a true friend if they can’t spare a minute for you to rant about a teacher or complain about a stressful day. In Freak the Mighty, “ Freak is shouting, and he’s kicking with both feet now, which means go straight” (pg 36).
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This sentence shows freak helping Max get away from Blade. If it weren’t for Freak Max
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It doesn’t matter who you’re friends with, it matters that you have a friend to help you when needed and don’t try to be isolated; go out and have fun. From these themes you can learn it is always good to have a friend when you are in a struggle, and to go out and have fun. Everybody should take these lessons and use them throughout your life. To illustrate, life starts off as a run-down building. With friends, lessons, happiness, and love acting as building bricks, that run-down building becomes a pure gold mansion. Lastly, ask yourself this, do I want a life without love, happiness, and
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