Difference Between Dispute And Disagreement

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There can be disputes and disagreements between friends. Many times friends of Utility tend to have disagreements and disputes. Friends of pleasure also tend to have disagreements, but only a few disputes. Friends of good should not have disagreements nor should they have disputes. The difference between a disagreement and a dispute is that a disagreements is different point of views. A disagreement does not always affect a friendship negatively, sometimes a disagreement may be good for a friendship. A dispute can be more serious than a disagreement. A dispute is when one friends harms, injures, or entails anger toward the other friend. Disputes tend to happen more with friends of utility because friends of utility are friends because of being benefited from the friendship. Friends of Utility do not actually care for each other and do not have each other’s best interest at heart which is why conflicts tend to take place. Good friends…show more content…
There is nothing wrong with doing things for yourself that will make you happy. Happiness is the most important part of life. Also looking out for your own good will be better in the long run and will end up benefiting yourself and others. If you don’t seek what is good for yourself than happiness will be unattainable and if you are unhappy than you cannot make others happy, which will lead to people around you to suffer. Also your friends should be happy that you are doing things to look out for your own good because friends want the best for each other and doing things to make yourself happy is what is best for yourself. Also, most of the time you are able to look out for your own good, and the good of your friends. If there is a conflict where making yourself happy will cause your friend to be unhappy than as long as you do what is right, you and your friend should both be okay with it because friends love and care about each other. As long as you do the right thing you will not be punished for
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