Friends: The Best Of Friends In My Life

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Friends, they are great to have. Especially when you are going through hard times or even when you 're at the highest point in your life. Overall, they are a great support system and good to have. But, not all friendships are healthy to be in.. And that is where my story comes in. It all started when I was in first grade and met a girl, not naming names. Anyways, we hit it off really well. We became the best of friends. We were like the same person. We did everything together, and when I say everything we did just about everything together. We were each others backbones when times were to get rough for one another, and we were there to celebrate when something good has happened. But, with some good times also comes with bad times as well. It all started when we hit Freshman year. We were finally hitting high school. It was super exciting for us. As we were looking into classes and what we wanted to be when we graduated, I said I wanted to be a radiologist. Well, she didn 't agree with my dream of being a radiologist. She made fun of the fact I wanted to be a radiologist. Which didn 't help me strive for that goal. She even told me I would never make it. Those little comments impacted me tremendously. Not to mention I was going through a really hard and tough time in my life. I began to get really depressed because of some family issues and my mom had just had heart surgery. At this point in my life I really need that backbone but, she wasn 't even there when I needed

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