Friendship And Conflict: The Main Themes Of Friendship

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For this term paper, I have chosen the topics ‘friendship’ and ‘conflict’ as the main themes for my area of study.

Everyone has friends. Indeed, according to the Sociogram, our friends can be divided into various categories. Some we talk to everyday yet are not close friends. Some we could go days or even weeks without talking or seeing each other, yet we treasure them the most. In my case, the friend with which I had a dispute with is my best friend, who I dearly treasure.

My best friend had been studying in Canada for the past year since the start of university. We lived near each other and therefore could always be spotted together. As a result, when she returned to Hong Kong a few months ago, I was exhilarated. Wanting to show her all the local great finds I have tried in the past year, I actively invited her to go out with me, perhaps a little too much. My friend did not consent to my every invitation, yet it was of a small issue and did not affect our friendship, though secretly I wished we could go out more often.

The quarrel worthy of notice and evaluation occurred a few weeks ago. Originally, I had to work on weekdays. However, due to the clashing with my summer course schedule, I had to give up on a few days of my work in order to attend the lectures. Seeing as my friend was desperately looking for a job, I introduced her to my boss and applied for her to become my replacement while I study. She eagerly accepted.

On the eve of her first day of work, I
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