Friendship And Politics Case Study

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Friendship and Political Dynamics in an Organization
A case study of the effect of friendship on policy and decision making in the College of Social Sciences and Philosophy Student Council, University of the Philippines Diliman

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15 November 2014

Introduction and Background of the Study Policy making is a crucial process in any government or organization. It refers to actions undertaken by the people who have the legitimate mandate in order
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Heyking and Avramenko (2008) argue that friendship and politics have an intractable relationship. Feminist theorists see the personal as the political and the political becoming the personal. According to Devere (2013), the friendship between human beings is a relationship between equals wherein both parties take into account the views and interest of other people in decision-making. Devere (2013) discussed friendship as an intervening factor in political interaction since friends exert a considerable amount of influence on their peers. Derrida states that even though friendship is not necessarily considered by many political scholars as political concepts (i.e. sovereignty, bureaucracy, government, nation, state, citizenship, etc.), in political theory, it is seen as an important agent of socialization and the formation of organizations and movements. Little (1993) believes that citizens become informed, conscientious, and good members of society not just through collective political action, but they can become such through “friendship and conversation”. Modern political philosophers such as Smith argue that friendship can exemplify a good model of citizenship and participation in discussion. In his book, The Philosophy of…show more content…
Despite this, the study of the direct effect of friendship on policy making and politics in general has been rarely explored in recent times. The literature review has shed light on this issue and has provided stable ground for the discussion of the nexus between friendship and political dynamics which eventually affects policy

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