Friendship Essay: The Meaning Of True Friendship

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the meaning of true friendship: Mankind was created approximately four million years ago. During the evolution of our species, starting from Australopithecus, and ending with us, Homo Sapiens, theres one thing that hasn’t ever changed. That is the ability to engage. It can be seen in the furthermost inner parts of mankind’s biological self, where our rudimentary and cognitive reactions take place. Mankind is made up of molecules, and these molecules engage each other to form chemical bonds. This remarkable ability to engage has its roots deeply imbedded within the very genetic makeup of our species. It is part of what makes us, us. For most of us, the meaning of friendship is purely emotional, but the thing is, our ability to make friends is actually a natural instinct, stemming from our core instinct of engagement. The meaning of true friendship is engagement, one of our most powerful natural tools. However, despite this genetic makeup, people often just engage in small talk and consider that friendship. But you have to try to delve into who they are, learn from them, and also be honest and open up to them if you truly want to be friends. I used to think that engaging with new people was easy. After all, I was outgoing and it was easy for me to talk to people. In spite of that, once it came to the friends who would actually be with me, go through my hardships, and listen to my problems- I only had a few of them. It was then I realised that the meaning of true

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