Friendship In Elizabeth George Speare's The Witch Of Blackbird Pond

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The Witch of Blackbird Pond, by Elizabeth George Speare, shows true friendship in the story. At one point in the story, some people turned Katherine Tyler in as a witch at a trial, but she came out unharmed. Friendship is an important trait, and that it supports loyalty, so because Kit made a lot of friends, and for example, at the trial, one of her best friends, Nathaniel Eaton, stood up for her. “What excuse could she make to get into her trunks today? At the bottom of one of them, she had remembered, was a little hornbook. It had been a present, brought from England by friends of her grandfather’s. It was backed by silver filigree, underlain with red satin, and it had a small silver handle.” (Pg. 95), it shows Kit’s eagerness to teach…show more content…
She had never before seen the meadow by moonlight. They lay serene and still, wrapped in thin veils of drifting mist. She found the path quite easily. … ‘Hannah dear,’ she said, struggling to control her panting breath. ‘Wake up! ‘Tis Kit. You’ve got to come with me, quickly.’ ” (Pg. 154) Kit shows loyalty towards Hannah, by coming back to Hannah to save her from the people who wanted to bring her to trial. Since Hannah was Kit’s friend, Kit came back for Hannah. “Kit drew a deep breath, and sitting on the floor, her knees drawn tight against her chest, she waited for William.” (Pg. 168) William didn’t come, so Kit probably feels neglected by William. She hopes for him to save her from Goodwife Cruff, but he doesn’t come, probably because he is ashamed of Kit because of her witch trial. This shows disloyalty, because if William wanted to marry her, wouldn’t he have saved Kit from the witch trial? Because the book shows a lot of friendship in the story, and how Kit makes her friends, the evidence from the story makes it clear that friendship is a crucial trait, and that friendship supports loyalty. Even though William was a friend with Kit, he still didn’t show loyalty towards Kit, because he wasn’t a true and real friend. He was just a person who wanted to marry Kit, and make decisions for

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