Analytical Essay On The Kite Runner

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A heartbreaking story of a boy named Amir who lived his young years in the midst of the rise of Taliban rule escapes to the United States to live in California. He soon learns that his past is unignorable. Trials and tribulation await him as he learns new attributes about himself and others through many events which teach him what he wants the most, “to be good again”. In his book, The Kite Runner, Khaled Hosseini proves his thematic ideas that a friendship can transform as guilt becomes more prevalent in a person’s life as their history begins to affect them. While Amir was still a child at the beginning of the book, he had an unbroken friendship with Hassan, which ultimately becomes affected by Amir’s careless decisions. A sudden realization comes to…show more content…
He knew that with all the guilt building up inside of him, he wouldn’t succumb; a new relationship needed to blossom, and “he would not leave Afghanistan without finding Sohrab.” (219) This was his chance. Sohrab, Hassan’s son, had been through extreme torment living under the power of Taliban officials and Amir wanted to save him, to make up for the intense feelings he wasn’t able to express to Hassan. It was a final favor he could complete for his faithful friend. The end of the road was finally in sight, and he had Sohrab with him; walking down it, seeing how all the emotions had come and changed his relationships altogether. Amir knew it was all worth it in the end, “because when spring comes, it melts the snow one snowflake at a time, and maybe I witnessed the first flake melting.” (371) Sohrab had finally let him in. Amir’s guilt followed him all the way from his childhood, making everything difficult to process, but he found out how to make up for the damage dealt while he was still a child, and transformed it into something far more beautiful, a new
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