Friendship In Pride And Prejudice

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In the novel Pride and Prejudice, the author includes many diverse characters who have intriguing relationships to one another.The two main types of relationships are romance and friendship, and both are prevalent throughout the novel. Most readers focus on the romance of the novel but its the friendships that this essay will shed light on. By comparing the friendships in Pride and Prejudice, to C.S. Lewis’s definition of friendship in Four Loves, the reader can see the similarities between the two. C.S. Lewis conveys “friendship” in a way that is personal, loving, and essential for survival, which can be seen in the relationship between two sisters in Pride and Prejudice. Throughout the novel Pride and Prejudice, the author, Jane Austen, creates many…show more content…
The intimacy these two share creates dialogues that strengthens their overall characters and provides them with time to share their hardships and receive help. As stated previously, when Jane receives a troubling letter from Miss Bingley, her sister rushes to her aid and comforts her. This example of consoling one another displays their close friendship and how they can always run to the other in their time of distress. Their wildly different personalities also help balance out one another. For instance, Lizzy’s outspoken and opinionated attitude is counteracted by Jane’s gentle and subtle nature. This balance is what makes them stronger as a pair, rather than on their own. For example, Lizzy attempts to convince Jane that Mr. Bingley really doesn’t lover her because they “are not rich enough or grand enough for them.” (Chapter 21) This is a perfect example of the sisters looking out for each other and aiding the weaknesses of the other. They specifically need each other when it comes to life at home as their obsessive mother is always incoherently yelling at
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