Friendship In The Garden Party

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The Basket of Friendship Society it causes separation to distinguish the differences between people, race, and class. It can also change how a person I seen or as been seen for example if someone wins the lottery. In an instant that person is an instant millionaire and every think they need or want they can have. However, in consumption with all the person wants it can take a change for the worst if they go broke buying everything. In that case the person has went from rich to poor in a year. There ae exceptions to the rule though like in Kathern Manfeild “The Garden Party” the characters are a wealthy family. Now the wealthy family has worker and most of them live with in a village. Mansfield uses detail describing the amazing decoration for the party. Now the daughter Laura who is taking on a mature role of decorating finds out one of the workers has dead. Lura feel horrible about going through with the party because in a way it makes her feel like no one cares. In a recent discuss of” The Garden Party” by Kathern Manfeild a controversial issue has been whether Lura has matured or had an epiphany by seeing or experiencing death. In an essay written by Robert Murray Davis titled “The unity of The Garden Party.” In his essay he states that Laura response to seeing the dead workman indicates a new maturity or an accession of knowledge. Also, that it indicates that she has matures very much seen when we first saw her in the beginning of the story. Basically, he is stating
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