The Basket Of Friendship In Mansfield's The Garden Party

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The Basket of Friendship Society it causes separation to distinguish the differences between people, race, and class. It can also change how a person I seen or as been seen for example if someone wins the lottery. In an instant that person is an instant millionaire and every think they need or want they can have. However, in consumption with all the person wants it can take a change for the worst if they go broke buying everything. In that case the person has went from rich to poor in a year. There ae exceptions to the rule though like in Kathern Manfeild “The Garden Party” the characters are a wealthy family. Now the wealthy family has worker and most of them live with in a village. Mansfield uses detail describing the amazing decoration…show more content…
I still maintain that it does not change the way she thinks at all. For example, Laura show empathy well because she has seen the dead man’s body but when she goes the topic will not only be rejection but not mentioned at all. Although some may reject the idea that her heart changed I would reply that her empathy level has went up. The issue is important because it shows just how different the societies are. Now some people say that the divide between economics classes are gone. However, this is not true it can be seen all over different part of the united states where wealthy suburbs are built where poverty is just help the city. The idea of trickle down economics is that by doing this it will help motivate the people to something or try harder. The fact is that in some way that is the best that some people can do and that just the truth. Beverly 3 In Laura’s family case being wealthy is a sign of stature and appetence which be one of the treason why the party did not stop. Now, in the end of the story Laura’s brother comes to get her and they talk about life and how its changed not only or the brother but for the sister. In the end the sign of maturity everyone is talking about is in the part Laura’s is talking about how sorry she
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