Friendship In The Great Gatsby Analysis

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Friendship Friendship is something we all need as humans. We are social creatures, it’s habit to make friends. Nick Carraway doesn’t seem very good at this though. He isolates himself, and when he is being social he always seems to find himself in the wrong place with the wrong people. He can’t seem to choose who to be close with, or figure out how to be a good man, but never failed to stay loyal in the end. Nick makes many new relationships throughout the course of this book. Daisy, Tom, Gatsby, Jordan, and that isn’t even the tip of the iceberg. Daisy Is his cousin, to keep it simple. She is married to Tom Buchanan; a jerk who always thinks he is right. “Well, these books are scientific” insisted Tom, glancing at her impatiently.” (13) When we first meet these two characters they couldn't seem more different. Nick doesn't like Tom all that much when they first meet. But he loves Daisy. She’s this perfect woman that all the guys want but none can have. So, of course, he chooses to support Daisy when things take a turn for the worst. But he also decided to choose his friend Gatsby over Tom. He spends the whole book trying to help Gatsby get the girl: Daisy. This is not only a…show more content…
If you had connections you probably had wealth and wealth was quite important. It's of course still important today, friendship I mean, but It has more reasons for being important. Just needing someone to talk to or be by your side for example. While I'm sure those were reasons back then as well, friendship is always portrayed as a means to an end when reading about the 1920's. Gatsby uses Nicks friendship in this book. Nick is easily persuaded to help Gatsby. “I called up Daisy from the office next morning, and invited her to tea.” (83) Jordan easily convinces Nick to help Gatsby. Gatsby saw how Nick looked at Jordan, so I assume he asked her to ask Nick. WIth Gatsby's connections, he got what he wanted: Tea with Daisy without Tom to
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