Friendship In The Kite Runner

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In the story The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, there are many things that will cross your mind. While the story takes you through a lifetime, there is one thing that is clear. Friendship is the key. From when the boys, Amir and Hassan, were young all the way to adult hood, there was a bond not forgotten. When Hassan says at the beginning of the story “for you a thousand times over,” it is more true then anything else. He had sacrificed himself his whole life for Amir and never expected anything in return. But the friendship was not just one sided, even though it seemed like that Hassan did huge things for Amir while Amir did little to nothing for Hassan, in the end, Amir show’d his true loyalty to his friendship with Hassan. In the small town of Kabul, Afghanistan, there is a sport called kite running. At this time at the beginning of the movie, we do not know the age of Amir or Hassan just that they are young boys. The first big act of friendship is when indeed, Hassan tells Amir “for you a thousand times over,” when he goes to run the kite for him after their big win. Even though Hassan is Amirs families servants son, they grew up to be best of friends up until this point. “ "I know," he said, breaking our embrace. "Inshallah, we 'll celebrate later. Right now, I 'm going to run that blue kite for you," he said. He dropped the spool and took off running, the hem of his green chapan dragging in the snow behind him."Hassan!" I called. "Come back with it!"He was already
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