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Before i start for those who don't know My little pony: Friendship is magic is a children's animated fantasy televirion series produced by Hasbro studios and DHX Media Vancouver. The series is based on Hasbro's My little pony line of toys and animated works and is often referred by collectors to be the fourth generation or "G4" of the My Little Pony franchise. The series premiered on October 10, 2010, on The Hub Cable channel. Hasbro selected animator Lauren Faust as the creative director and executive producer for the show. Faust sought to challenge the established nature of the existing My Little Pony line, creating more in-depth characters and adventurous settings. The show follows a studious unicorn pony named Twilight Sparkle as her mentor Princess Celestia guides her to learn about friendship in the town of Ponyville. Twilight becomes close friends with five other ponies: Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, and Pinkie Pie. Each represents a different facet of friendship, and Twilight discovers herself to be a key part of the magical artifacts known as the "Elements of Harmony". The ponies travel on adventures and help others around Equestria while working out problems that arise in their own friendships Well lets Start with voice actors and i was surpriced Asleigh ball as rainbow…show more content…
The only one was starlight but now she is the purple ones new Student she doesn't count and discord well he did return but he wasn't a Vilian so i don't know who but i have to say a Show needs a returning antagenist who makes our heros do there Mission to stop there Plan so im angry when a Show deos that , no antagenist and every fantasy show needs a returning antagenist and you mite say " its a kids show so it doesn't need a returning antagenist. " Well He-man had skeletor and spongebob has plankten and even dory the Explorer had a antagenist a fox named swiper , no
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