Friendship: The Negatives And Consequences Of Friendship

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Hook: (scenario)INTRO
Imagine this: you are feeling down because you have an issue with your family and you need someone to talk to but there is nobody. The problem will get worse and worse, generating more sadness and self-hate towards your self. This is the scenario of a person who does not have a true friend to talk with. Friendship has a big impact on the well-being of a teenager life. In this essay, I will discuss the positives and negatives a teenage friendship.

A friendship is a type of a relationship with peers or groups, there is a no limit. A true friendship gives you full support and trusts each other with any issues in life. Most of all you spend the most of your time with friends than any other things. According to an article Molly Edmonds, (N,d) you are with people for everything in your whole life cycle. Friendship is something that will give you a good time or bad time. All friends are someone you can easily talk to about your or their issues in life, For example, family problems or ask for help with school work like everyone needs help with something. A true friendship needs honestly, trust who will always stand with you in your bad or good times no matter what. You can easily become friends with anyone in one step of life is called communication with any type of age or a gender. Most likely the friendships are made at school, work or communities. A bad friendship is something that has no trust, only hate towards other people, which means the friendship
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