Friendships In Fifteen Dogs

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Friendships cannot be simply described or withhold a specific definition. As seen throughout the novel, Fifteen Dogs by Andre Alexis there are various different types of friendships and a majority of them are deemed to be unhealthy and do not work out. All the dogs have different views with their friendships with the other dogs and their masters. Majnoun, the black poodle does not care too much about creating friendships with other dogs but more with his masters. Majnoun feels closer and relates better to humans then the other dogs in the pack. After being granted human intelligence from a wager between Hermes and Apollo, Majnoun is able to see love through a different way which changes his friendships with his masters. Atticus, a Neapolitan mastiff goal is to end up at the top of the pack and not too much about finding or developing true friendships. He is very self-centered and manipulates the other dogs to receive his end goal. Lastly, Benji the beagle develops a friendship with Dougie, but after he is killed off his prospects change and he is…show more content…
After researching and studying this novel, one can take from it that not all friendships are healthy or last long. People are mostly consumed with themselves, as seen throughout the book, selfishness, manipulation and love can all interfere with friendships and cause them to end and not work out. This is not only seen with the dogs, but many people can relate to the friendships that the dogs experience and they can even describe their own friendships in their lives. The end result that can be taken away from this novel is that if someone truly cares for the other person they will apply themselves to that friendship, but they will not become consumed that the friendship will become unhealthy. Can you think of a friendship that is unhealthy in your
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