Of Mice And Men Movie And Book Comparison Essay

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Friendships can display the values of a person from conflicts through different situations. The relationship between two men is tested during the Great Depression, while trying to get the American Dream. In 1937, John Steinbeck published a novel titled Of Mice and Men about George Milton and Lennie Small, who travels to California to achieve the American Dream. As their journey unfolds, tragedies also start to unravel. A MGM film was created based on the novel directed by Gary Sinise, in 1992. The film and the novel presents their audiences with different versions of the story, making the audiences debate which one is stronger. Overall, the film is more effective than the novel because of its imagery and the added scenes.
The film captivates the audience using imagery with scenes that focus on the theme of friendship. An illustration of imagery is shown in a scene where George is taking care of Lennie after the fight between Lennie and Curley. In the scene, where the imagery is captured in a …show more content…

With these these two outstanding examples of the same work, the book and the film continue to continues to spark debates sbetween which one is better. Along with Of Mice and Men, there are other books that have film and has create endless debates on which one of those is more effective to convey their message. This MGM film expresses the theme of loneliness and friendship, which relates to our world today by making the world a better place. But what is even more important than these debates about which one is better, is the idea that people analyze film and books. When people analyze films and books, they usually argue about which one is better. When they do that and give deep consideration to all these issues, that’s what would help people be able to understand conflicts in the world today and this is what will make the world a better

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