Friendships In 'The Absolutely True Diary Of A Part-Time Indian'

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Friendship Has No Labels How did Arnold make so many friends? In The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, Sherman Alexie shows the multiple different types of friendships and how there are different ways they are made. Rowdy showed us that friendships can last a lifetime. Roger showed us that friendships can be unexpected, and Gordy showed us that sometimes friends can come to you at unexpected times. Arnold meets Roger when he first goes to Rearden, Alexie shows that friends can be created in places you would never expect. When Arnold goes to Rearden, Roger is a bully to him. Roger repeatedly made fun of Arnold and called him chief, squaw boy and tonto multiple times. Arnold had to do something, so the next time Roger said something racist BAM Arnold punches Roger knocking him to the ground. “You punched me” Roger said. His voice was thick with blood. “I can’t believe you punched me. You’re an animal” “You meet me right here after school” Arnold said with a stern voice. “Why?” Roger asked. “Because we are going to finish this fight” “You’re crazy” Roger said. Then Roger got to his feet and walked away. Arnold was confused as the rest of Roger’s gang walked away (65). After Arnold had gone home to ask…show more content…
When Arnold first goes to Rearden, he is in a science class and the teacher makes fun of Arnold for telling him a petrified wood fact and thinking he was wrong. “Uh, actually,” Gordy said “Arnold is right about petrified wood. That’s what happens” (86). Then the teacher went all pale. After that Gordy and Arnold became friends and studied together. Arnold writes “We studied together. Gordy taught me how to study. Best of all he taught me how to read” (94). Arnold and Gordy would have never became friends if Gordy didn’t stand up for him in class. Alexis shows another way friendships can be created. He shows that sometime friends come to you at unexpected

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