Frito Lay Marketing Strategy

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In this period of always showing signs of changing shopper tastes, an element of market environment, and worldwide rivalry, it becomes urgent for FMCG brands to revitalize themselves and adjust to changing needs to keep the disintegration of their brand value over the long haul run.
Frito Lay is one of the leading brands of PepsiCo under which, the company sells potato chips and other snacks foods. Started in early 1930’s, the company has come a long way and have always reinvented itself. In 1965, Frito Lay merged with Pepsi Cola Company, together to be called as PepsiCo. Under Frito Lays, lies some of the biggest brand like Fritos, Cheetos, Doritos, Lays, Tostitos, Walker potato chips, etc (PepsiCo 2015).
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One of the real steps Frito-Lay took was to concentrate on modifying the nature of its brands like Tostitos secondary selling examination demonstrated that purchasers felt the chips were too overwhelming, thick and crunchy. Frito-Lay therefore, made them more slender, crispier Tostitos, which could be eaten alone, made into nachos or dunked into salsas, which were getting to be progressively mainstream. Frito-Lay listened to its customers, custom-made the item quality to suit buyer needs, delighted in offers of about $200 million as Tostitos turned into the number five brand and keeps on remaining a business sector…show more content…
Case in point: The brand might no more speak to item qualities or corporate qualities that are vital to clients; poor administration may have harmed the execution of the organization or items; stronger contenders numerous have surpassed the brand as far as its buyer expectations or piece of the overall industry. Strategies to restore a brand take various structures, for example, update the visual components of the brand, expand brand correspondence, and rebuild the organization to enhance execution. In the article “Brand is forever! Structure for Revitalizing Declining & Dead Brands' by Sunil Thomas & Chiranjeev Kohli says: Over years, brands have met unfavorable ending, for example, Oldsmobile, Pan Am, Woolworth. Many more have relentlessly declined into obscurity, while others have been restored (Thomas and Chiranjeev 2009). At the point when a brand kicks the bucket, critical speculations that were made to assemble the brand are lost. Lamentably, even the strongest brands with high total assets are not safe from brand decay and resulting passing. In today's business, where new item presentations are lavish and unsafe, it might be beneficial to assess brands that are declining and put resources into revitalizing

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