Frito-Lay: Organizational Strategy

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How are recruiting, job design, and organizational strategy at Frito-Lay Linked? How does one influence the other? Frito-Lay created a metric for each position; this metric links organizational strategy and job design which enables HRM to recruit the right people for the right job. Frito-Lay’s goal or organizational strategy is to increase sales volume by getting additional display space in high traffic areas and create a highly structured job for RSRs that included carefully planned driving routes to minimize driving time, stocking procedures, and utilization of the truck. HR was able to successfully meet the organizational strategy by carefully analyzing the internal factors that were causing the problems by, assigning RSRs to routes based…show more content…
In order to comply with the company’s organizational strategy, Frito-Lay needed to implement a job design that would support the company’s organizational strategy. They accomplished this by dividing low-volume routes which included convenience stores and drug stores using smaller trucks and high-volume routes that serviced large grocery and discount stores requiring more driving time and contact with store managers. Research determined than RSR sales skills in securing additional display space had a bigger influence on increased sales in these low-volume routes. On high-volume routes, the ability of the driver to stick to a tight delivery schedule and have shelves stocked with product earlier in the morning was critical to increase…show more content…
However, if there was a RSR with little to no experience, they would be more beneficial in a low-volume store setting in which they could obtain the experience needed before moving to a higher volume. In contrast, having an experienced RSR in a low-volume store would be a waste of a resource since they would be more beneficial to the organization at a high-volume location. Additionally, by carefully planning driving routes to minimize driving time, stocking procedures, and utilization of the truck and having hourly employees available to help the high-volume route RSRs with stocking duties, enabling them to focus on the tight driving, delivery schedules, and sales
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