Bahamas Swot Analysis

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Bahamas Fritters Delight was first introduced to the Bahamian market on January 5, 2018. However, over the past three months it has become a household name throughout the Bahamas. Four women with background in business management and culinary skills merge their resources and skills decided to launch a culinary phenomenon. Fritters Delight a unique Bahamian company provides a variety of gourmet fritters to satisfy a seafood lover’s taste bud and/or a vegetarian appetite. The different variety of made to order, scrumptious, mouth- watering fritters that our customers describe as “fritter luscious” are: Grouper fritters, Lobster Fritters, Crab Fritters, Vegetable Fritters, and the ever so popular the Conch Fritters(Conch is said to…show more content…
These properties will expand the opportunities to market this product domestically in the other islands of the Bahamas with new boutique locations of Fritters Delight with ready-made markets. The gourmet fritter as a product is new but the conch fritter as a food has been tried and tested. We would be able to benefit from the popularity of the food and the opportunity to give tourist the opportunity to savor the conch fritter and experience variations of the fritter using other native products.. The climate in the Bahamas today, in comparison to any other time in the past, is extremely favorable to the introduction of new business product lies. a) Micro lending facilities are available by the Bahamas Agricultural Industrial Corporation; b) Incentives such as duty free exemptions are available under the Industries Encouragement Act, hence, the ability to expand business locally and internationally. 5. Potential to add other product such as conch and fish

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