Theodore Dalrymple's Frivolity Of Evil

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Manisha Shrestha M. Aranda PHIL-1301-73056 3/1/2018 FRIVOLITY OF EVIL “Frivolity of evil” 2004 city journal article written by Theodore Dalrymple, he has become successful in describing and expressing his thoughts about the decline of quality of life in his city, Great Britain and he mourns that declivity of quality of life is not the person fault. The person is not responsible for their problem and not responsible for committing the evil, it is the cowardice of intellectual and political elites that had continued the social disaster. Also, he has described the evolution of evil and its reason. And finally, he explained to the viewer why people commit the evil. This article is in narration view and every event that happened, the writer…show more content…
He has another case of a 25-year-old man who had 4 children from 3 different women. He has tirelessly impregnated women knowing the consequences. Bearing the number of children without father and raising them in a family, such kind of environment is created by their own choices and they have no realization of their responsibilities. They are abandoning their children in the name of fashion, facing them poverty, abuse, and hopelessness not caring the consequences to their mother. Bringing a child into the world and have no intention to scare them and raise them is fundamental evil but only few will realize that. We don’t like to blame those parents who have their babies and not caring them, abandoning them which results in growing crime and evil. Rather we prefer to denounce the society. The author doubts welfare state to be another cause for spreading the evil but it is not sufficient. Though it is not that most extensive nor the most generous in the world whose intention is to help the people in need. Another cause of spreading of evil is the ideological, social and economic pressure that has been prevailing in society for years. It promoted the idea that people are free to do anything that gives them pleasure but people mistreat it and start violence, rape intimidation, cruelty, a drug addiction that flourish exuberantly. And this process encouraged abuser to commit an eviler act and don’t feel obligated to face the responsibilities and consequence because of their actions. People don’t much care about the civilization which could make their life more
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