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These Natural Ingredients Will Tame Your Frizz

Hate it or love it, frizz is a fact of life for those of us with curly and kinky hair types. Sometimes a bit of frizz makes all the difference, either by adding volume and pizzazz to style or by ruining a sleek look. Frizz matters. Even if you don’t mind having frizz from a styling standpoint, frizzy hair looks dry and dull and is much more likely to get tangled. Embracing frizz is one thing but promoting it is another thing entirely.

Try as we might, it is next to impossible to completely eliminate frizz, all day, every day. Nevertheless, there are things you can do and products you can use in order to keep frizz at a minimum. Your best bet in combatting frizz is to understand what causes it …show more content…

Below are some natural ingredients to look for in your natural hair products.
Honey has many amazing benefits for the hair. It’s smooth, thick consistency coats the hair to smooth the cuticles of the hair and keep them closed. Honey is also an emollient (softens hair) and a humectant (pulls moisture into hair) which makes it a powerful tool in keeping hair hydrated and moisturized and making hair manageable. Honey also imparts shine to the hair. Look for honey in your products or click here for a DIY frizz buster you can try at home and here for more honey hair treatments.
Aloe vera
Aloe vera has the ability to seal the cuticle by restoring the pH of the hair. Once your cuticles are closed, frizz is history and shine is amplified. Aloe vera also has humectant properties, is great for the scalp and makes detangling the hair a lot easier. Here are 6 ways to use aloe vera in your hair regimen.
Argan oil
Argan oil is a great frizz fighter and does so without weighing down the hair. Click here to find out more about argan oil.

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