Frodo And Sam As A Hero In The Return Of The King

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Many stories have at least one hero from whom the reader can learn because of the morals that the hero embodies. Heroes have distinct traits that separate them from bystanders and villains who the reader also meets throughout the story. Despite differences amongst the plethora of stories from this genre, a common denominator exists within every character that an author portrays as a hero. J.R.R. Tolkien uses multiple characters that show similar unique traits through their actions in his novel The Return of the King to define what it means to be a hero. Tolkien portrays both Frodo and Sam as heroes because of their determination, sacrifice, and perseverance. Frodo shows determination by continuing on his quest while also knowing…show more content…
Before putting Frodo on his back, Sam thinks “that he would have barely strength to lift his master alone, and beyond that he expected to share in the dreadful dragging weight of the accursed Ring. But it was not so,” (Tolkien 919). In this scene, Frodo can no longer move because of his weakened state to which a variety of factors contribute, but the ring’s heavy toll on him is the most damaging. Sam’s “absolute” commitment to Frodo drives him to do whatever is necessary to keep Frodo moving (Milne 120). As a result, he, without a second thought, decides to overcome this obstacle by carrying Frodo for the rest of the distance to Mount Doom, disregarding the physical weight of Frodo, the influence of the ring, and his own malnourished state. Tolkien also notes how the weight did not amount to Sam’s expectation. This surprise enhances the heroic nature of Sam’s actions because it shows how strong Sam has grown throughout the journey. He can then use this acquired strength to conquer his problem. This final push to reach the top of the mountain depicts Sam’s heroism because he overcomes the obstacle of Frodo’s physical handicap with newfound strength that few other characters

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